Laurelin, the tree of light! Build and code a programmable RGB LED tree
2022-08-12, 14:00–15:00, Junior hacking
Language: English

Come and light up our LED tree! Solas is a programmable RGB LED which will act as the leaves on our tree of light. We will show and tell about our project, ask all the questions you want or just enjoy the creation!

Solas will be a small programmable RGB LED. The idea is to, in the future, turn this into a collaborative artwork where different people can participate in.

At Fri3d Camp, we'll show our first version of this and explain / experiment with what it could become.

The plan is to build an acrylic tree and add the LEDs as leaves on the tree that glow. The more LEDs we add, the taller the tree can grow.

PhD student at Lancaster University, Lorraine Underwood is an author, maker, mum and general awesome person. She wants people to be interesting in physical computing, coding and shiny lights. Lorraine can be found on twitter:
Previous projects are on her blog: