FlipLABO - making an animated film together
2022-08-13, 10:30–12:30, Large LED
Language: Dutch

We will literally unbox the principles of animation by exposing the individual frames of which an animated sequence consists. Everybody can join this workshop, including children and their parents. They will be provided with a template that serves as the basis for an animated sequence that is part of a longer animated film. The template is sufficiently open to spark imaginative new story elements or graphics. The result will be a short animated film that reflects the participatory approach of its production process, including different ideas and drawing styles, yet forms a coherent whole when tied together.

This workshop will start with a short introduction in animation and its principles. This introduction will be supported by the means of animation devices, including a zootrope, flipbooks or potentially even a track-installation as we used in https://vimeo.com/8821153. If the latter, we had build an animation track of 4 meters on which we literally set up the individual frames, use a smartphone camera to ride over these frames and as such capture a short animated video. We might reproduce such installation for this workshop.nnIn the workshop, we will provide a basic template of generic actions that form one animated film that invite participants to freely fill in according to their ideas or taste. In that sense, the outcome of this workshop is a coherent animated film that reflects the individual contributions of each participant, ranging from choosing particular colours to redesigning the actions. We have experience with these kinds of workshops in earlier work, see for instance https://vimeo.com/80224985

Sandy Claes has a background as a master in audiovisual arts (2005) and a PhD in engineering science (2017). Sandy holds a faculty position at LUCA School of Arts, where her research focuses on the overlap between media, technology and public space, with a particular interest in participatory media.