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MCUd: a framework for better and easier firmware development
Sebastiaan de Schaetzen

MCUd is an experimental framework to ease the development of embedded applications. It makes use of many cool language features of the programming language D, allowing a developer to write simple high-level code which get compiled to very efficient machine code.

In addition, it tries to experiment with common features in many RTOSes, such as:
An alterative to threads which is completely portable and reduces stack memory
A way of creating device drivers and configuring them, whilst allowing the compiler to detect misconfiguration at compile time and throwing errors describing the misconfiguration.
A way to easily and quickly perform automated tests of the software without needing hardware at hand
An event system allowing software components to communicate to each other without needing to tightly-couple the components, easing component reuse without sacrificing effiecincy.

Pain points of MCUd and why you might not want to use will also be discussed.

DIY Bluetooth speaker bouwen
Joram Agten, jan stappers, Sebastiaan de Schaetzen, Wouter Van de Wiele

Deelnemers gaan een bluetooth speaker bouwen. Het bouwproces bestaat uit twee delen; het solderen van de printplaat en het monteren van de houten behuizing. Een basis soldeerervaring is welkom. Heb je nog geen soldeerervaring of ben je jonger dan 11 (suggestief), dan breng je best een begeleider mee.

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