Fri3d Camp 2020

Call for Proposals : Fri3d Camp 2020

Welcome to Pretalx! Here, you can submit your proposal for an activity at Fri3d Camp 2020. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation, and you will be able to modify or retract your submission. Even if you don't know every detail of your proposed activity yet, it's a good idea to submit your proposal. That way, we know you have an interesting idea, and can consider it for our program.

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Call for Participation

The Fri3d Camp 2020 Call for Participation is your invitation to submit a proposal for an activity at Fri3d Camp. Anyone can bring their project to Fri3d Camp (please do). But if you'd like a spot in the official program, a location for your workshop or specific content support or infrastructure, seize the carp and use this CfP to submit your proposal!

The stakes

All received content proposals of sufficient quality to consider for the main program, will get early access to ticket sales for themselves and their family. If your proposal is accepted and included in the official program, you'll get a free drinks card and some exclusive content-host goodies. We will do everything we can to make sure your activity is a success, we're open to discussus activity requirements such as providing specific support or facilities you or your activity might require.

Yes, you can contribute.

If you think you have nothing worthy enough to contribute, think again! We're convinced anyone can bring something interesting to Fri3d Camp. Your proposal doesn't need to be a workshop or talk. You could also build a system of pneumatic tubes, organise a high-tech treasure hunt, build a huge geodesic dome... We're open to all kinds of ideas, and we'd love to see how we can help you make them a reality!

From now until the 15th of January, we'll be collecting all of your proposals. After that date, the Fri3d content team will start putting together the official program. Submitting to our CfP is the way to get a spot in the camp schedule and to be sure of your Fri3d Camp 2020 tickets. Don't wait too long ^_^